First of all we have to have some candles, which we will melt with some casserole. This process is simple, but you have to be careful with the following.

Are you enjoying a few days at the beach?

Well take the opportunity to rescue that delicious children’s hobby to collect shells and pretty stones on the seashore and not only take you a unique memory of your vacation, but also you can use them to decorate many original parts of your home. You do not have to be excessively skilled since you can always use simple but practical ideas, such as filling glass containers with a little sand and placing them inside. And if you want to give this idea an even more personalized touch, you can always make sand with colors in harmony with the rest of the decoration of your living room.

Step by step, we first proceed to completely wrap the entire crown with the ivory ribbon. Now we will stick with the help of the silicone gun, the sea shells. We will distribute them in such a way that we occupy the entire crown with them.

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It is very simple and fun. With those conches, colored pebbles or shells that you may have brought from your vacations, you can make many original details that will give your house a cheerful sailor air. The first thing you will have to do is to wash all the pieces very well to eliminate any sand, algae or small incrustations. Put the shells, stones etc in a bowl with warm water to which you will add a teaspoon of baking soda. Let soak at least half an hour. While you keep them in the water, go taking them out and with a brush (you can use one of teeth that you are not going to use) helps to thoroughly polish the surface of each of the future ornaments.
When they are well cleaned, dry thoroughly, first with a cloth and then leaving the pieces on absorbent paper (kitchen). Now you can use them to put your idea into practice, creating different compositions. Make a preliminary sketch of the design you want to carry out according to the colors of the pieces you have. Here comes your own creativity and imagination. You can make an abstract design, play with lines of different colors, alternate stones and shells of different sizes … To decorate, for example, a frame of a mirror, or one designed to place photographs, you will have to prepare the surface leaving it clean and smooth. Then, to make it easier to paste the different pieces, you can apply glue or varnish in small areas (only a part of the frame) and go placing the shells according to your preferences (it is very nice to finish the corners with some piece that protrudes slightly , a conch shell, a starfish or a larger shell that stands out from the whole). For a better finish and a perfect fixation of the decorative elements, finish the job by spraying the shells with spray varnish.